LAST UPDATE: 8/14/2007

Parallel Talks (invited)

The Standard Model and Beyond
W.T.H. van Oers Manitoba U.
Neutrino Physics
C. Andreopoulos Rutherford Lab.
Hot and Dense QCD
H. Specht Heidelberg U.
T. Hirano Tokyo U.
Nucleon structure
M. Kohl MIT
M. Strikman Penn State U.
Medium Properties of Hadrons
S. Schadmand Julich U.
Hyperon Interactions and Hypernuclear Physics
H. Tamura Tohoku U.
Structure of light nuclei
Y. Kanada-En'yo Kyoto U.
Structure of medium-mass nuclei
Highly excited states
Y. Fujita Osaka U.
Theoretical developments
R. Roth Darmstadt T.U.
L. Coraggio INFN-Napoli
Reactions of unstable nuclei
T. Kobayashi Tohoku U.
Few body reactions
E. Epelbaum Julich U.
Light-ion reactions and reaction mechanism
K. Ogata Kyushu U.
Nuclear fragmentation and equation of state
M. Colonna INFN-LNS
Astrophysical nuclear reactions
L. Buchmann TRIUMF
J. Pereira NSCL
Explosive Nucleosynthesis and the Environment
T. Kajino NAO
Neutrino process and high density matter
G. Martinez Pinedo GSI
Coming New Facilities
T. Nagae KEK
K. deJager Jefferson Lab
W. Henning GSI
E. Vercellin INFN-Torino
M. Lewitowicz GANIL
W. Zhan Lanzhou
R. Tribble Texas A&M U.